Unstable Cost of Natural Rubber Increases Inclination toward Synthetic Rubber

Jul-2018 | Extense Research | Oil and Gas

A synthetic rubber, or man-made rubber, is any artificial elastomer. These are mostly polymers synthesized from petroleum byproducts. Synthetic rubbers are deemed as an alternative for natural rubber due to its several uses in various domains. Synthetic rubbers are utilized in the manufacturing of tyres, adhesive liquids & tapes, protective clothing, hoses & tubes, diving suits, and inflatable boats. They are also utilized in the medical and scientific field for manufacturing orthopedic braces, rubber gloves, and several other medical items.

Synthetic rubber is said to provide better resistance to scratch in comparison to natural rubber, and also better resistance to the effects of aging and heat. Several sorts of synthetic rubber are flame-resistant, which makes it suitable to be used as a shield for electrical equipment. It also stays stretchy at low temperature and is also found to be resistant to oil and grease.

The prominent factor for that resulted in the inclination toward synthetic rubber from natural rubber is the enormously unstable costs of natural rubber. The occurrence of price instability in the natural rubber market is mainly the result of problems such as geographic restraints on the plantation of rubber, inconsistent supply owing to variations in raw material availability, the fast increasing requirement for rubber around the world, and long transport distances. This altering dynamics of the worldwide rubber market has led to the rising synthetic rubber demand.

The other key factor that is positively influencing the growth of the synthetic rubber market is the growing requirement from the automotive sector for synthetic rubber. The vigorous rise in the number of commercial vehicles and cars is expected to fuel the market growth in the near future. Apart from this, the enhancement of the footwear market is projected to create hopeful growth of the market in the coming period.

On the contrary, the increasing replacement of synthetic rubber with natural rubber is likely to hinder the growth of the worldwide synthetic rubber market. Furthermore, the oversupply due to the regular capacity additions is expected to limit the growth of the market in the near future.